Botox® for Headaches

Botox for Headaches, TMJ, and Facial Pain

Do you have tension headaches or pain in your jaw from grinding during the day, when you cannot wear your mouth appliance?

In our never-ending efforts to widen our services, keep up with technological changes, and perform procedures as well as, if not better than, any other health care provider, we are offering therapeutic and cosmetic uses of Botox and Dermal Fillers.

BRUXISM is the general term that refers to both clenching and grinding of the teeth. There have been numerous theories as to why it occurs. Most bruxism occurs at night during sleep.

No matter what the theory is that causes bruxism, there is no question that it leads to the destruction of otherwise healthy dentition, and exacerbates periodontal disease. Bruxism often causes TMD and is the cause of headaches and facial pain.

We often use bite appliances as the treatment of choice to protect the teeth as well as to diagnose bite problems. We often are very successful; however, on occasion the grinding will not stop or the headaches just will not go away.

We now use BOTOX routinely as one of our treatment choices to help our patients.

We typically treat bruxism and TMJ patients with painless bilateral injections of Botox into muscles. Too small a dose is ineffective and too much can affect the muscles of chewing. Using the right amount of Botox will reduce the intensity of contraction of these muscles and the relief can help eliminate facial pain, reduce TMJ symptoms, eliminate headaches, and generally reduce the effects of bruxism.