What Sets Us Apart

From the moment you meet us you will know our main focus is YOU. Our goal is to get to know you from the very beginning in an UNRUSHED appointment and start to develop a relationship based on trust, knowledge, desires, and individual goals.

I will listen to you and your concerns and we both, as a team, will come up with a plan that fits your life. I am sensitive to your priorities and will work out a plan that is comfortable for you, taking into consideration your personal circumstances.


Why spend time to discuss this?

Many times my patients come in after an unhappy discussion with other professionals. Usually it is because the dentist or other professional “told” the patient what to do, gave a fee, and said “set up an appointment.”

I work a little differently.

After discussion, we, TOGETHER, talk about the issues and possible “CHOICES” of treatment and then spend time talking about whether these choices FIT INTO YOUR LIFE. That means, you understand the solution but now may not be the right time for you. You may have personal or professional commitments that need to come first. SO we discuss what we can do to put you in a HOLDING pattern until YOU ARE READY. That is most important.