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(5 Stars)  Quality Care

This was my first visit to this office and I got lost. I called the office from my cell phone while trying to find the location and the lady answering the phone (sorry, I forgot her name) was very patient and helpful. In fact, I had to call again because I was still lost (at that point I was very frustrated and unnerved), but the lady was still very patient and gave me further directions. I finally arrived at the office more than an hour late but I was still able to see Dr. Gilbert. The staff joked with me about the scenic route I took to get to the office, which did make me feel better. 🙂 Dr. Gilbert initial asked me a few questions just to get to know me, which was a nice touch, even though my nerves were still bad from the scenic route I took. I hope I didn’t come across as a little unfriendly I was just still on the unnerved side. Dr. Gilbert was thorough with his exam and explanations. I haven’t had the work done yet, but I am confident he can do the work needed on my teeth competently.

Gregory F.  2/16/2016

(5 Stars) Amazing Staff

First off, I hate going to the dentist. But, since I have to go to the dentist for overall dental health, there is nowhere I would rather go. The best part about Dr. Gilbert is his “bed side” manner (or is it “chairside” manner). He cares and it shows.  Dr Gilbert & Sheri are about the best in the industry. I am sure I know too much about her by now, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

~ Neil D. 11/19/2015

(5 Stars) Amazing Staff

The entire office continues to run perfectly.  All is great. Nothing to improve on.  A perfect dental practice. It doesn’t get any better than this. I wish my medical practice came anywhere close to Dr. Gilbert’s dental practice.

~Dr Mark C.

(5 Stars) Amazing Staff

I was very reserved about finding a new dentist after a lapse in treatment, but Dr. Gilbert has been patient and supportive. I like my semi-annual visits to the dentist now. =)

~ Joshua C. 05/21/2015

(5 Stars) Amazing Staff

My family and I have had Dr. Gilbert for over 25 plus years. All my children had gone there. We would not go anywhere else. I live in Florida and I come to Atlanta just so I can have the best care and Dr. Gilbert gives that. Don’t retire!

I never have any problem when I go there. The staffs are wonderful. The front office people been there forever. I feel like I grew up with them. Great staff!

When people tell me about the fear that they have in dentist, I tell people that my son was the worse until he went to Dr. Gilbert. He made him feel like family and Dr. Gilbert show him the tools he was going to use and my son was ok after that.

~ Lorna Y. 2/4/2015

(5 Stars) Amazing Staff

Be careful! Once you become a patient, the staff will become extended family members. Next thing you know you will be inviting Dr. Gilbert to your wedding! Twenty six years later, I am sill a patient and so are my husband and four children

~D.R. 10/23/2014

(5 stars) Everyone is great!! 

Apptmts run on time. Doctor very kind and concerned; listens, suggests alternative approaches to problems and flexible in regard to treatment options. No holier than thou attitude here.

~Myrna F. Oct. 21, 2014

Botox treatment for TMJ

Since I had the botox injections in my jaws, I have experienced tremendous relief from my TMJ. The constant clicking and need to reposition my jaw is 95% gone and most of the time I forget I ever had TMJ. I believe I could use a little stronger dose the next time, which could give me complete relief.  This has been a life changer for me, as it has gotten rid of the migraines that resulted from clenching my jaws all the time.   Thanks so much, Donna


(5 stars) The best dentist and office on the planet

It doesn’t get any better than this. Great doctor, great staff, great office. Don’t arrive late: this place runs like a clock. Be prepared to spend time here: they are meticulous. Come here if you’re like me and the concept of digging into the inside of your teeth is terrifying. I didn’t know root canals and crowns could be done with zero pain. I still can’t figure out how he makes the first novacaine injection painless. This office is like a family, and they welcomed me into the brood. 

– Mark C., May 29, 2013

(5 Stars) Best Dentist

Dr. Gilbert and his staff are excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Gilbert. 

– Desaray, Apr. 30, 2013


Best Dental office Ever

I’ve been going to Dr Gilbert for over 20 years. I travel from Lawrenceville to Sandy Spring passing many dentist offices to see Dr Gilbert and Sherry for my dental needs. I cant imagine going any where else. 

– Levarita, Apr. 15, 2013

Dental Care Excellence

Professional, caring, courteous and friendly service from the front desk to the operative room, the whole team provides the very best in dental care service. I heartily endorse Dr. Gilbert’s team, that’s why I have been a loyal patient since my arrival in this area almost 20 years ago. 

– Michael B., Apr. 10, 2013

(5 stars) The Fun Dentist? 

My family and I have been patients of Dr Gilbert and staff for over 20 years. Dr Gilbert’s skill and knowledge are superior in every way and the atmosphere in his office is truly laid back and fun. His hygienist and technicians are all excellent and highly skilled. Every staff member is friendly, caring and helpful. Going to see Dr Gilbert is like visiting with family or friends. 

– Anonymous, Apr 17, 2013 

Best dentist I’ve ever been to

Everybody there is a treat to be around, and it makes the dental process much less painful than it could otherwise be. 

– Jackson S., Mar. 29, 2013

Incredibly accurate and knowledgeable

I just had my first appointment and can only say how impressed I am. He could figure out the reason for a bite problem I have for now 40 years! It was so brilliant I was shocked :O. Very good questions, very clever thoughts, and very nice staff. Now I understand completely why any of the treatments I had to fix my bite did not work!!! I am very relieved. He is very down-to-earth without losing the vision of a good treatment and how to make it possible. Still didn’t talk about $ but he didn’t charge me the first app. He can give the most expensive and more definite solution as well, and the most affordable too and in between. I am very curious and optimistic about the treatment still to come, but I had to give this review.

~ Artislife

Great quality of care

As a dentist myself, I could not be happier with the quality of care I receive from Dr. Gilbert and his staff.

~ drillthis1

Absolutely the best dentist in Sandy Springs

In 1999, I went to work for Northside Realty in Sandy Springs and I wanted to find a dentist near there. One day, I saw a dental lab truck parked at the post office. When the driver came out, I asked him “Who sends you your best work?” He said unequivocally, “Darrel Gilbert! No brainer.” 13 years later, I still go to Dr. Gilbert and everything about his office is terrific. It’s just a high-class operation. It’s very comforting to know that you’ve got the best dentist in town working on your teeth. It takes away all the worry. I don’t work anywhere near Sandy Springs now but I’ve never changed dentists.

~ Moira French 6/07/2012

Dr. Gilbert rocks!

I had a root canal done by another dentist and the filling fell out within a week. Dr. Gilbert redid the filling procedure and it was painless like he promised.

~ LawnLovers


I am so happy that I found Dr. Gilbert. Both he and his staff were very helpful and just plain nice. There was no long wait in a crowded waiting room (I was the only one there), and I was taken back right on time. Dr. Gilbert was very thorough and took a wait-and-see approach, which I appreciate. Best of all, no one tried to sell me anything. The visit reminded me of going to the dentist when I was a kid, an all-around pleasant, stress-free experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert.

~ AJones

First visit

Went to see Dr. Gilbert for the first time to get some advice about a broken crown. He examined my tooth, answered all the questions, offered some advice, and did not charge me for the visit. The rest of the staff was nice too; overall — good first impression!

~ SquishyEye

Caring dentist and staff

Dr. Gilbert and his staff really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. No one likes to go to the dentist but they are great, really give you all your options and tell you what to expect from a procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert.

~ Llewmit

Have been using Dr Gilbert for over 15 years, as have my children (now adults). He and his staff are always helpful, professional, and on time! Instead of the dreaded visit to the dentist, it’s good to know it’s my turn and I’m ready to go!

~ PL

Quick, professional, fun, and painless. Best dental anesthetics, in my experience (which is substantial when it comes to dental pain); great staff — like a family.

~ Larry the Lawyer

Dr. Gilbert and his staff were so wonderful! I was treated so great — I will be referring my friends and family to him! Thank you Dr. Gilbert!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!

~ LW

Yea!!! My pain is gone!

When nobody else (at least six previous dentists in Atlanta) could fix the pain in my jaw and teeth, Dr. Gilbert could. And I no longer grind my teeth at night. Bye-bye, TMJ; bye-bye, night guard.

~ Susan Kasher

Dear Darrel,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. “Darrel Gilbert is the absolute best dentist I’ve ever worked with for the past 16 years. He has done fabulous work with my teeth and made my smile Hollywood style. I highly recommend him for all your dental needs, cosmetic, restorative and everything else.” Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

~ Anonymous

A great dentist

Dr. Gilbert has been my dentist for years and there isn’t anyone else I would trust. His staff is professional, as is he, and he has a great atmosphere too. His knowledge of dentistry is kept up to date through his continuing education courses, so I know he’s on par with the latest technology.

~ Brad

A pleasure to visit this team of dental experts!

Dr. Gilbert’s dental expertise is far-reaching and exceeded my expectations (over and over again). His staff is efficient, professional, and fun to be with. Dr. Gilbert is personable and witty. He is an expert and authority in dentistry who relates wonderfully to his patients. I am getting consistently positive comments about my teeth — thanks to Dr. Gilbert and his team of professionals. Over the last 20 years he and his team have continually upgraded the practice and stayed ahead of advances in dentistry techniques and customer service. The experience is a pleasure — from making an appointment all the way to paying the bill. Dr. Gilbert has personally called me after a more involved procedure — just to check up on me. Exceeding my expectations by leaps and bounds!

Wonderful dentist and office

My boyfriend and I both go to Dr. Gilbert and absolutely love him. He’s a great dentist. Shari the hygienist is wonderful, too! She’s very thorough, gentle, and has a great personality. I will continue to go to Dr. Gilbert as long as he continues to practice dentistry.

~ Brookwood

Extremely caring dentist

Dr. Gilbert is one of the very BEST dentists that I have been to. He and his staff are extremely caring and make each and every patient feel comfortable and like you are their only patient. Dr. Gilbert takes his time to thoroughly examine you and give you the best possible care. He is highly dedicated and knowledgeable. Dr. Gilbert ensures that you fully understand if there are any issues and what course of treatment would be best. He even came in on his day off to fix a broken tooth for me. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gilbert! I highly recommend him!!

~ Spartyfan

Dr. Darrel Gilbert is my favorite dentist

I have been using Dr. Gilbert for 2 years. He is a wonderful Doctor who is very kind to all his patients. Please consider calling his office. I hope you will be as pleased as I am. Outstanding!

~ RhondaBishop

By far, my experience with Dr. Gilbert and those at his office has been the best I have had with any dentist. The office staff makes patients feel very comfortable. Each person I spoke with was very helpful and genuinely interested in making my experience a good one. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Gilbert to anyone needing a dentist!

~ Coop

I need another star to rate Dr. Gilbert!

On my first visit to Dr. Gilbert, I was impressed with every aspect. The thoroughness of the initial exam and the professional precision in his work made me extremely pleased with the results. In only three visits, my goal was accomplished.

Dr. Gilbert has a great “bedside manner” and the entire staff consistently made me feel like part of the family. It will be my pleasure to refer anyone I know to this lovely practice. Moreover, he is the best dentist I have ever opened my mouth for! I never dreamed that I would look forward to going to the dentist!

~ NancyCaddy

Excellent professional service

It was a great experience with Dr. Gilbert’s office. I am very pleased with his office staff, nurse, and him. His office was nice enough to provide me a quick appointment for getting my daughter’s condition checked out after she broke her tooth in a bike accident. I was very impressed with the professional service I received, not only at the reception, but also with Dr. Gilbert himself and his nurse Amica. Amica is really great with children. My eight-year-old’s teeth now look as if nothing had happened to them after Dr. Gilbert performed bonding work on her broken teeth. He provided me with before and after pictures of my daughter’s teeth. Thank you Dr. Gilbert and Amica for such a beautiful work.

~ Deb

We LOVE Dr. Gilbert!

Having been a patient of Dr. Gilbert’s since 1988, I can say that he is truly a friend of the family. He is wonderful with children … so wonderful that even though we’ve moved out of the Atlanta area, we now drive over an hour for dental care. The staff is wonderful and “Miss Shari” is the best hygienist I’ve every had! You won’t be disappointed!

~ Debbie

I like my dentist

And that is typically an oxymoron statement !! I typically abhor dentists!! Dr. Gilbert and his staff are very people-friendly and are wonderful at easing one’s concerns and or fears about seeing a dentist. Actually, Dr. Gilbert (and Meka) are genuinely funny and find a way to make you laugh and let go of your fears. Dr. Gilbert is absolutely the best dentist! They are the best, and believe it or not, I no longer dread going to the dentist. Dr. Gilbert takes his time and works with the patient to develop the very best solution. Top notch !

~ EllenWard

Dr. Gilbert has been our dentist for 15 years. Although we now live in Florida, he is still our dentist. Why? Dr. Gilbert has provided us with regular dental service, immediate care in dental emergencies with no hesitation about how to fit us into his busy schedule, and follow-up phone calls to check on our progress. Dr. Gilbert educates us about new procedures, but lets us decide if we want to proceed. We so appreciate his professional and dedicated attitude toward us, his patients, as well as to his employees. No wonder the office is such a pleasant place to visit; his employees appear to be a big family who enjoy being with each other on a daily basis. All we can say is, “Thank you, Dr. Gilbert and staff, for such a wonderful experience for 15 years.” We plan to continue using Dr. Gilbert as our dentist — the drive from Florida to Atlanta is certainly worth it.

~ J & S G 3/08


Hi Dr. Gilbert,

I thought of you this morning while getting ready for work. My routine always includes flossing my teeth, and today I took a little longer because I was admiring your beautiful work.

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me and doing such a wonderful job (in only 3 visits) getting my goal accomplished.

In addition to your fabulous “bedside manner,” your entire staff made me feel like family. The follow-up phone calls and appointment accommodations were greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I will do all I can to refer anyone I know to your lovely practice and you as the best dentist I have ever opened my mouth for. Remember, I’m not the best patient in the world.

Take care and thanks again for everything.

Warm regards,

~ NM February 22, 2007

Excellent dental office!

Dr. Gilbert’s office is the absolute best. In general, I am terrified of dentistry, and I have to admit that I was quite apprehensive when I made my appointment. He was very attentive, explained my dental needs, and made plans for future treatment that worked with my needs and concerns. It is so nice to find a doctor that listens to the patient.

~ Jessica 6/29/2006

Dear Darrel,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you (and of course, Mika!) for a job well done. I honestly could not be more pleased with the end result!

As I am sure you can recall, I did not exactly jump at the chance to do this. You exhibited an unbelievable amount of patience as I wrestled with the thought of getting this done. After FOUR years of subtle coaxing, I finally made the leap and am certainly glad I did. During the course of my time as your patient, I have been most impressed by two things: the obvious pride and care that you take in your work, and the staff you have put together. I have truly enjoyed getting to know everyone in your office. Although I will not miss the shrill sound of that stupid drill, I will miss seeing my friends at the office as often as I have of late.

Again many thanks to you, Mika, and the rest of your terrific team.


~ GWN 5/24/0

Dear Darrel,

You did a fabulous job on my new smile and I would like to thank you for your great work!

~ R.H. 5/08