Bite And TMJ Problems

Many times a patient will come in with pain or noises in the TMJ (in front of the ear), muscle pain in the head and neck, or constant HEADACHES. This could be a posture issue, a bite issue, a muscle issue, or a combination. As dentists, we are the EXPERTS of the head and neck region. We will have a thorough talk about what ails you; we may need to try a few different conservative approaches first.

I might suggest taking 3D models of your teeth, do a bite analysis, and take photographs for study.

A BITE SPLINT may be appropriate depending upon the issue.

Most importantly it may take time and “co-discovery” to figure it all out, but we first do it reversibly after a dialogue and discussion together.


Bite Splint Therapy

Muscle tension, headaches, clicking and or popping noises in front of the ear, pain, tooth wear, breakage, sensitivity, recession, clenching, grinding.

These could all be symptoms of bite instability.

After a thorough examination of the bite and joint, and after we discuss your goals of comfort and stability, we may take models of your mouth and study them to determine if treatment is needed. Dr Gilbert may suggest the use of a BITE APPLIANCE.

This appliance is designed to fit over your upper or lower teeth. Then it is adjusted over a series of appointments so you can experience what a solid properly functioning bite feels like. The use of this appliance can also help us evaluate muscle symptoms. We can then discover, together, if the signs and symptoms you have experienced diminish or disappear or if there are tooth issues that were not previously apparent.

This is valuable information for both you and Dr Gilbert to then discuss how to

deal with those issues.